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Welcome to the Project        Gravity X downhill four wheel bike build project. We are aiming to build a downhill bike in the UK to help spread the all inclusive sport of 4 wheeled mountain biking for abled and disabled people alike. Inspired by the Rough Riderz downhill club we are aiming to help spread this all inclusive sport by building the equipment here in UK and making it accessible to more people.
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The Rough Riderz Downhill Club

The primary reason for launching this club is to give wheelchair users, along with able-bodied MTB riders, the opportunity to enjoy the thrills of off-road downhill 4 wheel mountain bike riding, promoting it as an integrated sport nationwide.

By raising awareness, we are looking to drum up a great deal of interest in this new activity, thereby creating a vibrant and inclusive MTB racing scene here in the UK. We are very enthusiastic about this project, and have already been in touch with various organisations, who have all reacted very positively to these new bespoke downhill 4 wheel mountain bikes, the integrated racing scene and the club's ambitions.

Team Tudeski

Having spent the last 5 years being involved in sit skiing Team Tudeski decided that they needed a summer activity to fuel their adrenaline addiction. So they sent their core team member Tude (T4 paraplegic) to try out this new extreme sport of four wheeled downhill mountain biking.

Tude again demonstrated his complete lack of fear and managed to cram in a respectable 9 nine runs on his taster day with the Rough Riderz. He even attempted to ride on 2 wheels, trying to follow Phil infront of him, which didn't end well. But he did demonstrate the need for body armour!

So Tude caught the downhill bug and started asking "how do I get my own downhill bike?" looking expectantly at his mates that helped him get his own ski chair a few years ago.

To get one of these four wheeled bikes you need a large wad of cash (approx 7-8k), an amount of money that is too much for most people to spend on a downhill mountain bike. So Team Tudeski volunteered to join the Rough Riderz and start a UK bike building project to raise money to build a four wheeled downhill mountain bike in the UK. The aim is to build the bike, keeping the cost as low as possible, with the help of sponsors and volunteers.

Which is where you come in...please help us with a donation or become a corporate sponsor.


MBUK Article

The Rough Riderz and Project Gravity X have been featured in this month's MBUK magazine. Check it out on page 90. Huge thankyou to Fin ( for coming to do a photoshoot with us a at the Forest of Dean.

Tour of the mototsport department at Swansea Metropolian Universtity

Torch Bearer!!

Ed did PGX proud!

Promo days at the Forest of Dean

We had two great days at the Forest promoting the project and riding the awaesome trails at the FOD. Big thanks to the Dirt Mag crew for riding with us. Article coming out in the mag soon.

Ed of Project Gravity X to carry the Olympic Torch

It's offical! Ed will be carrying the Olympic torch in Bristol on the 22nd May. It's a great honour and very exciting for Project Gravity X!

Great day at Oktoberfest

The Project Gravity X display stand at Oktoberfest was a big sussess. We met a lot of people interested in our project including mountain bike legend Steve Peat.

Rough Riderz & Project Gravity X at Oktoberfest

We will be at the Oktoberfest mountain bike event at Ashton Court in Bristol on the 15th of October. Phil from the Rough Riderz will be demo-ing the club's downhill bikes.

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Project Gravity X!

We will be in touch soon.